Why PlentyBooks?

PlentyBooks handles all your accounting needs quickly and efficiently, the way it needs to be done.

Save Time

Once you start using our system, and interacting with our experienced professionals, you’ll see how quickly your daily, weekly and yearly accounting needs are accomplished.

Peace of Mind

We are a dedicated accounting team that monitors each one of your deadlines throughout the year, so you can rest assured that nothing will slip through the cracks to cause stress come tax time(s).

Safety and Convenience

The extremely detailed yet easy-to-use PlentyBooks client portal provides you and us with a reliable, safe, and secure location in the cloud to store and share your Financial and Tax documents. No longer will you need to hunt down lost emails... just log into your client portal to access all your documents.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

PlentyBooks offers a variety of services & packages to fit every need, from a single proprietor just starting out on their own to a more established bigger business with hundreds of employees. With our upfront costs there are no hidden charges and no surprises.

Overview of our Services

Our services are tailored to help not only the individual taxpayer and freelance workers but also startups, small businesses, medium-to-large businesses and non-profit organizations. Whatever your needs, PlentyBooks’ dedicated and experienced financial team is here to help you.

Tax Planning

With PlentyBooks you get an experienced professional who will provides you with the perspective needed to guide you through the tax process – both as it is and how it will change in the future – and help you devise a personal or business tax plan to get or keep you in the green.

  • Business income estimation
  • Personal income estimation
  • Expense determination
  • Business tax structure
  • Possible tax credit identification
  • Possible tax deduction identification
  • Devise the best tax strategy for your needs

Tax Preparation

When you choose us to do your taxes, tax preparation will be so much less time consuming and much less stressful. We will help you get every deduction you deserve, and it’ll be your smoothest tax season yet — all done for you, in one place.

  • Individual tax returns
  • Business tax returns
  • Self Employed tax returns
  • Non-Profit tax returns
  • Back-year tax returns
  • Amended tax returns
Tax Relief & IRS Resolution
Tax Relief & IRS Resolution

Tax Resolution

Are you behind on filing tax returns? Has the IRS imposed civil and/or criminal sanctions against you? We can help you!

  • IRS Representation
  • Preliminary resolution evaluations
  • Case Diagnostics
  • IRS Transcript Analytical reporting
  • Scenario simulations to determine the best resolution
  • IRS Resolution Planning Techniques & Strategies


Proper bookkeeping is the bedrock which keeps every other aspect of your business clicking along on all cylinders.

  • Transaction entry
  • Bank Account reconciliation
  • Credit Card reconciliation
  • Categorizing expenses
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Catch-up bookkeeping


Payroll can be complicated enough with even just one employee. Or you might be asking yourself as a sole proprietor, “How do I pay myself?” Even more daunting, doing payroll for tens or hundreds of employees. We got you! We will create a customized payroll solution that keeps you and your employees happy.

  • Paychecks
  • Payroll withholding
  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll reports
  • Payroll tax returns
  • Payroll tax payment

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